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Welcome to Club Stairways

At Club Stairways we believe that recovery from mental illness is possible when it involves the individual in a community - one that offers hope, respect, and opportunities for personal development.

Club Stairways is a recovery center for people with backgrounds of mental illness such as bi-polar, schizophrenia and severe depression. Combining a comprehensive network of services that includes employment, education, recreation and housing, our innovative approach to psychosocial rehabilitation is progressive and world-renowned.

Mental illness need not be an obstacle to fulfilling one's dreams. We are committed to helping people stay out of hospitals, achieve their personal goals and contribute to the communities they live in.

We are open Monday - Friday 9AM-4PM

Club Stairways is a vibrant gathering place that provides a sense of belonging, dignity, and purpose to people with mental illness. By recognizing the unique gifts and talents of each member, Club Stairways engages them in meaningful work, social, and recreational activities that affirm individual self-worth and enhance quality of life.
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Hard times in the Puff
Client describes ‘abuse’ in Chico’s mental-health facility
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Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education and Sports!
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2010 Out of the Darkness Community Walks
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"Palio" is an Italian word that means competition between neighbors and communities.
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Kick-off of the event is World Mental Health Day